Skype Sessions

If you are committed to your fitness goals, but life is getting in the way of your fitness goals, Towers Performance now offers Skype Session for your Online Training goals. If you are looking for remote sessions with a trainer and prefer working face to face, our Skype Sessions are the perfect option for you. Each Skype session will vary depending on the client and their goals, fitness status etc. You may review your diet and nutrition, talk about weekly check ins, or do a fitness session, where the Trainer will start by demonstrating the exercises and getting your warmed up. We understand how tough it can be when you’re busy, you travel for work, or live remotely. Whatever your situation, we are dedicated to helping you achieve lifechanging results over Skype. Skype Sessions with our trainers is personal training, and it will be done tailored to you and your abilities and goals. Through the weekly check ins and chats, your trainer will track and analyze your measurements, weigh ins, weekly food entries and photos.  We are here to provide you with step by step guidance with a personalized pan that has been crafted by your specific trainer. From physique enhancement to changing your body composition, to losing unwanted fat and adding on lean muscle mass, whatever your goals, we are here to support you. Online or in person, we want you to have the best possible experience on your fitness journey with us. Whatever your age, ability, gender or past injuries, we are here to help you succeed. We are here to educate you, support you, train you and to maximize your potential. Work with us today to start your personalized Skype Sessions today!